Garden Of Life by LCDR Joe Byers, USN (Ret)

comments (2) March 14th, 2011

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Garden of Life

Time In The Garden To Feel Your Presence

A Moment Of Peace To Experience Your Essence.

Flowers Bloom At The Change Of The Season

A Long Winter Pass And A Time To Reason.


How Precious Life Is At Each Moment In Time,

To Long For Peace And Love Sublime.

Time To Nurture and Time To Grow,

Love Of A Mother And A Seed To Sow.


Light of The Sun And Warmth On My Face,

Birds Flying High After Visiting A Distant Place.

A Moment In Time To Experience Your Grace,

Gift Of Love As I Stroke Your Face.


As The Lilly Blooms And The Rivers Flow,

The Garden of Life Continues To Grow.

-C. J. Byers-

posted in: Garden of Life by Charles J. Byers dated: 14-Mar-2011

Comments (2)

JoeNavyGardener writes: Our lives and the experience of living and nature around us help us to reflect on the majestic power of our creator. Viewing nature in it's raw environment provides a incredible perspective of God's magificance, omnipitence and power. It leaves me in awe!
Posted: 6:18 am on December 24th
jewjew writes: Oh, What " Heavenly " colors of Flowers.....maybe mine will look like this....I'm always amazed at the Beauty of Mother Earth !!!!!!
Posted: 8:08 am on March 16th
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