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QUESTION: composting wood ash

comments (2) March 30th, 2011

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lbow lbow, member
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Can i add my brush burning ash to the compost pile ?

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1946 writes: Absolutely you can add wood ashes to your compost pile. Just make sure you mix it in because if you just dump them in a pile they will clump up in there, a mistake I made once. When mixed in with your compost the ashes will be less likely to burn any plants than if applied directly around plants. They are potash after all, a component of fertilizer.
Posted: 10:22 am on April 23rd
cbat writes: Wood ash acts as a pH buffer or nutrilizer. It's better to be applied to acidic soil that you need to be less acidic, such as directly on a future garden site or around fruit trees. I'm not sure what it would do to a compost pile, but would be concerned that it might slow down composting.
Posted: 11:00 am on April 22nd
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