[Suh-wah-oh] means "Saguaro"

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The saguaro cactus is protected in the State of Arizona, which means that you just can't go out into the desert, find one, dig it up, and plant it in your yard. There are reputable growers and dealers who can find a saguaro cactus for you. You should only purchase a saguaro cactus from some one that has a permit and will give you the documentation, just like transferring title to a vehicle, upon payment.

The larger the saguaro cactus is, and the more arms it has, the more expensive it will be. The saguaro cactus in the gallery you are about to see costs thousands of dollars. It has thirteen arms. Why do I say that you shouldn't try transplanting a saguaro on your own? This saguaro weighs eight tons. That's right, 16,000 pounds!

 Will explain the basics of growing your own cacti from cuttings taken from a parent cactus. (Thank You 4 that!)  Just follow the link:

More Information: My Own Design
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