Aphids on my okra plants! The cavalry finally arrived!

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Red Lady!
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Red Lady!

Although my father was a farmer practically from birth, I was basically only exposed to the fruits of his labor. When I decided to start a raised bed garden, I had no idea what was awaiting me in the garden once my plants grew a little. When I went outside one day to look at my okra plants and found hundreds of little bugs on the underside of the leaves and what I thought were my baby okra (actually soon to be blossoms) I was devastated. The Aphids had arrived! I immediately looked for every type of remedy just short of of the stuff that would anihilate everything in the garden and finally decided to treat the plants with a neem oil solution. Two days later these three beauties arrived to take care of the last of the little buggers. Moral of the story: Patience is a virtue. Wait long enough and the cavalry always arrives! Happy Gardening!

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