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QUESTION: Broccoli with lots of leaves & no stalk

comments (2) August 22nd, 2011

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whisperingpines whisperingpines, member
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This is the 1st yr I have attempted to grow broccoli & I have

lots of leaves but no stalk with any head of broccoli.   Can anyone help me?

What do the plants need?

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Comments (2)

vg_made_simple writes: Karen is correct that phosphorus deficiency can cause issues, but if your plants are phosphorus deficient, the undersides of the leaves will have a slight purple tint.

I'm willing to bet that they just need more time. The plants always grow lots of leaves first, then the heads later in the growth cycle. You can see pictures of the regular growth cycle of broccoli, as well as gather more information, at my website here:

Note that the plants will get fairly large before the main head starts to appear.

Best of luck!

Posted: 1:49 pm on September 12th
KarenBudnick writes: Try adding bone meal around your broccoli plants. This helped mine - I just wish I'd added it sooner. Too much nitrogen will result in lots of leaves - no produce. Plants need phosphorus as well as nitrogen.
Posted: 8:16 pm on September 7th
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