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QUESTION: need suggestions on heating my greenhouse.

comments (7) February 27th, 2012

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Photo by niddynoo under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0.Click To Enlarge

Photo by niddynoo under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0.

I have a small hobby greenhouse and am trying to figure out HOW to heat it with out killing my pockets! 

I had used a portable electric heater.  Any thoughts. ideas would be helpful. I live in Pennsylvania.



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Comments (7)

Melbournecup2012 writes: Wow! what an idea ! Nice
Melbourne Cup 2012
Posted: 3:47 am on November 3rd
AdrianaHammond writes: great post and agree that you need to answer the ones you are working for, Thank you for Sharing It.

air dryers
Posted: 3:40 am on October 30th
maynard638 writes: Very Good! These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing! - Greenhouses
Posted: 1:39 am on July 26th
maynard638 writes: Very Good! These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

Posted: 1:38 am on July 26th
jscottj writes: How much of the greenhouse do you use during the cold months?

Depending upon how much you use inside the greenhouse during the cold period, you can create a clear plastic tent or use a cold frame inside your greenhouse. I live in Ohio and don't use all of my 8x12 greenhouse, just an area to start seeds. I use 1/2 inch pvc pipe to make a tent frame over my bench. I cover it with the plastic from a shrink-fit storm window kit, as it won't be in weather inside along with being very clear. I use landscape fabric on the bench and set my heat mats on that to get bottom heat to the trays. Depending on how much space I'm using I use a light bulb or two, or a small electric heater to maintain heat. The plastic overlaps on the sloped "roof" of the tent allowing me to vent excess heat manually.

Next winter I plan to remake it into a cold frame type frame with a solar vent on it to automate venting so I don't have to open vents early in the morning before work when venting is not needed yet. It will also have an electric heat cable in sand or grit sized gravel to create bottom heat.The greenhouse has an attic gable vent fan and an intake louver to vent the whole space.

It works pretty well overall. It doesn't use alot of energy as it only heats part of the greenhouse. If it gets really cold on some nights, I throw an old sleeping bag on top to hold in the heat better.
Posted: 8:30 am on May 2nd
Jillian_Faye writes: Hey wildflowers, I posted your question on our facebook page and got a bunch of suggestions for you! Do you have access to our page? Take a look!
Posted: 10:46 am on March 5th
judyjudy2 writes: Most hobby greenhouses have lots of gaps where air escapes, so all of your heat is going outside! I actually wrap my greenhouse in thick plastic (at least 10ml, although higher is better) in the fall. This is the type of plastic they use on greenhouses at the nursery. That will help to keep heat in, while still allowing adequate sunlight in during the day. I used paving stones for the floor and the absorb heat during the day. I keep a couple large black containers with water in them to absorb heat too. I do supplement with heat from a portable heater on really cold nights to keep it at 55 degrees (I live in NC -zone 8a), but my heater has 3 settings, so I can offer enough heat, but not heat it to 75 at night! I keep a fan blowing above the heater on the top shelf of one of my plant stands) to circulate all of the warm air coming from the heater. My electric bills do go up slightly in the winter, but they aren't that much higher. Good luck!!!
Posted: 2:16 pm on March 2nd
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