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QUESTION: Electric netting to keep out ground squirrels?

comments (2) March 10th, 2012

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debnevada debnevada, member
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I had a horrible garden summer last year with the rats and squirrels stealing the tomatoes and carrots in my garden.  I was thinking about the electric netting to keep them out.  Any suggestions or comments 

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Comments (2)

BaahBen writes: It has been birds all along! Mockingbirds, specifically.
Posted: 3:30 am on November 29th
BaahBen writes: I am having trouble with my tomatoes. Everytime one is almost ripe, it is being eaten..It's either a squirrel or rat. I am not sure. The fence in garden is not keeping "it" out. I notice that nothing else is eaten. "It" doesn't like eggplant, herbs, cukes or peppers.

So, what I have to do is pull the tomatoes when they are not fully ripe. Apparently "it" doesn't like to bite into the hard surface of the tomato until it is fully ripe.
Posted: 5:24 am on May 14th
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