Golden Beets are a Sweet Treat

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WesternGardener Jodi Torpey, contributor
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Touchstone Gold beets are an open-pollinated variety with a mild, sweet flavor.
Golden beets retain their rich color when cooked alongside their tasty greens.
Touchstone Gold beets are an open-pollinated variety with a mild, sweet flavor.Click To Enlarge

Touchstone Gold beets are an open-pollinated variety with a mild, sweet flavor.

Photo: Jodi Torpey

When the weather was still chilly in April, I planted a large container with a small crop of 'Touchstone Gold' beets. I opted for transplants instead of sowing from seed to help speed the 55 days of growing and to avoid having to spend too much time thinning the young plants while shivering in the cold.

I selected golden beets because I'd read they have a milder, sweeter flavor than red beets and I'm glad I did.

Last week the beets appeared ready to harvest, so I carefully dug every single one from the container. The 1 ½ to 2 inch roots were perfectly round and the greens were beautiful. It was a pleasant surprise leaf miners hadn’t discovered the greens growing on the patio.

Because I planned to eat the leaves, I trimmed them about an inch above the root and stored them separately from the roots. Beet greens can be used fresh in salads, steamed or sautéed. In fact, some gardeners grow extra beets, like 'Bull's Blood', just to use the tasty greens in recipes. 

Golden beets have a bright orange peel, but a mellow golden yellow flesh. It's nice to know they retain this lovely color when cooked.

After peeling the beets, I quartered them and added them to boiling water for about 10 minutes or until they were soft. Then I sautéed them with onions, garlic and a good amount of sliced beet greens in a little olive oil. This made a delicious sauce for a quick pasta supper.

It’s too hot to plant more golden beets right now, but I plan on starting another crop later this summer for a fall harvest. Their golden color will be a welcome addition to the autumn supper table.


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Comments (4)

WesternGardener writes: Dear Lumpkin:

I dropped by a local garden center in early April and they had all kinds of cool-season veggies growing as transplants. I'm sure other garden centers do this, too. Perhaps you could call around to see about plants for fall.
Posted: 4:08 pm on June 13th
Lumpkin writes: Where did you find gold beets to transplant and where might others find them?
Posted: 7:08 am on June 13th
WesternGardener writes: Hi Mike:

I don't think I'll ever have enough beets to try canning them. Garden space is at a premium around here and I'd rather grow tomatoes.
Posted: 8:35 am on June 12th
MikeTheGardener writes: My wife is going to grow a "boatload" of ruby queen beets. Personally, I am not a big beet eater, but she loves them.

Have you tried canning beets?
Posted: 9:59 am on June 11th
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