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QUESTION: Deer problems: fence or sprinkler?

comments (4) June 28th, 2012

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patifernan patifernan, member
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Hi gardeners,

Im beginning to create a beautiful (but small) garden with diffrent types of vegetables. It is like a hobby to me, actually, but there is one thing I didnt keep in mind: deer.

They (plus my 2 dogs) seem to love my garden and they are destroying everything in it. Searching for solutions, I found some options like fences or sprinklers. My question is for the experts here: what is more effective? While a fence might ruin my sightseeing maybe a sprinkler is more "delicate".

I found a product like this:

Any thoughts? Anyone already tried this out?



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Comments (4)

CHart1301 writes: Have the same problem years ago but use a product called Deer Off. Home Depot or Lowe's have it. You spray it around the garden not on anything. It keeps deer, squirrels, and other critters away. It lasts about three months. If after 2 months you start having a problem I reapply. I find it depends on how much rain we have here in St Louis Missouri.
Ps Wife likes it for her flowers. (Deer like some of them too.)
Posted: 5:12 pm on July 9th
yardener writes: When a hunter friend shared with me how important it was to get all the scents of after-shave, deoderant soap and such off before going hunting, I decided to hang bars of soap in my garden to hopefully make the deer think a hunter was hiding near by. It works for awhile before having to replace the soap. Note that it doesn't work for 'coon and it will actually attract opposums.
Posted: 7:23 am on July 9th
JuleMG writes: I bought a motion detector sprinkler. It doesn't stay on long enough to use much water but the problem is, you have to leave your water turned on all the time. I mostly have problems at night, so I kept forgetting to turn it on. You also need multiple sprinklers facing different directions.

You can put chicken wire flat on the ground completely surrounding your garden. They don't like the feel of it on their feet, so they won't cross it. They can't see it to jump over it. It's a pain to move it out of the way for mowing, if you mow around your garden, but it does work.
Posted: 11:18 am on July 4th
JanaBO60 writes: Many of us out here in Helena area use high 8' - 10' fencing. They can be made to look cute as well.
Posted: 9:40 am on July 4th
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