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QUESTION: Zucchini problems

comments (7) June 29th, 2012

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sehilbert sehilbert, member
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My two zucchini plants have white stuff on the leaves and the zucchinis are forming, but then shriveling up and falling off before becoming mature.  I primarily water with a water soaker, so the leaves are not receiving a lot of water.  I would like suggestios on how to treat this naturally as I want to eat the zucchini we produce and not worry about toxic chemicals, etc.  Any suggestions are appreciated!

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Comments (7)

ryangreer22 writes: Good job
Posted: 2:51 am on July 27th
raulcannon77 writes: These are dangerious.
Posted: 2:14 am on May 21st
lovelyellis writes: very dangerous.
Posted: 3:24 am on February 29th
suburbanfarmdoc writes: I know this is an old post, but commenting because I bet others have the same problem. I wonder if there are not 2 things going on here. Powdery mildew is common--my plants almost always get it eventually, but it doesn't always compromise yield. A very common cause of zucchini failing to mature is pollination failure, especially now that bee populations are dwindling. It can be solved simply with an artist's paint brush. Dab it in the center of the male flower (long stem, no baby zucchini) and then in the center of the female flower. That may solve your shriveled zucchini problem. Same goes for other types of squash.
Posted: 8:23 pm on April 6th
BoBatie writes: I brew chamomile tea, which is naturally anti-fungal. Then, I add one cup of whole milk per gallon of chamomile tea. Milk will alter the pH of the leaf surface, so that any displaced mildew spores will not be able to take root. I use this mixture to spray the entire plant every day until the problem is solved (usually a week or two). I use plain chamomile tea in place of water once a week as a preventative.
Posted: 10:00 pm on July 7th
vermicomposter writes: Agree with joe as it looks like powdery mildew. Check with the local extension office for their recommendations for your local area; here ia a link for information about powdery mildew. It gives some non-toxic remedies that are available even if you don't live in California.
Posted: 12:21 pm on July 4th
joe_massie writes: Looks like powdery mildew. I use serenade. It is supposed to be organic and you can eat the food the same day.

Posted: 2:00 pm on July 3rd
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