Novice Gardeners

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Each year I grow a variety of blossoming and fruit-bearing plants on my south facing patio.  The warmth from the concrete flooring produces lots of heat and because it is an enclosed area there is protection from harsh elements.  I heartily recommend patio gardening in these conditions because it optimizes the potential for success even for the novice gardener.

This year I'm finding that my tomato plants have not only thrived but have grown thick stalks and stems.  They contain flowers but not more than one or two tresses on each plant.  My San Marzano has enormous leaves on it and I am worried that I have over fertilized in the first six weeks of growth.  This bears immediate investigation and I would certainly appreciate any advice that could help me produce a good crop this year. 

It's still not too late to get started on becoming a gardener.  It's sometimes a lot of work but the payoff can be a delicious and beautiful garden.  Trial and error is often my M.O.  but I do appreciate websites like these that can put me in touch with much more experienced gardening barons!

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