The Foodscape Revolution

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WesternGardener Jodi Torpey, contributor
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A crop of vegetable gardening books can help you plan your foodscape this season.Click To Enlarge

A crop of vegetable gardening books can help you plan your foodscape this season.

Photo: Jodi Torpey

Brie Arthur's new book called The Foodscape Revolution (St. Lynn's Press, 2017), joins a growing group of other vegetable gardening books on finding ways to add more fruits, vegetables and herbs to the landscape. 

Instead of planting vegetables in just the backyard, foodscaping encourages planting edibles anywhere you can.

The first gardening book that inspired me to do just that was Ivette Soler's The Edible Front Yard (Timber Press, 2011). Her book is a "mow-less, grow-more plan for a beautiful, bountiful garden." 

Foodscaping, by Charlie Nardozzi followed along (Cool Springs Press, 2015) with "practical and innovative ways to create an edible landscape."

Arthur's hardcover book is for "finding a better way to make space for food and beauty in your garden."

All three books are filled with how-to's for getting started, creative planning plans and suggestions for plants that can make the dream of a foodscape come true.

Any of these three books will help you get started. But perhaps you're already foodscaping and just haven't put a label to it.

You're a foodscaper if you've…

  • Planted purple bell peppers with purple zinnias
  • Planted a fruit-bearing shrub instead of a landscape shrub
  • Dressed up the annual flower bed with frilly kale
  • Scattered chile pepper plants in pots near the front door
  • Used strawberries or thyme as a groundcover
  • Grown baby squashes on a fence instead of perennial vines
  • Decided on a fruit tree instead of a shade tree
  • Planted red cabbage for its beautiful burgundy leaves
  • Grown eggplant for its velvety leaves and lavender flowers

As you're planning your vegetable garden this spring, look for ways to plant more edibles in unexpected places throughout your landscape. And if you need ideas, turn to the pages of these foodscaping books to encourage your efforts.

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