Weird Vegetables and Funny Fruits are Garden Contest Winners

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WesternGardener Jodi Torpey, contributor
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Heirloom tomatoes, like this Big Nose Tomato, are often some of the funniest fruits in the garden.Click To Enlarge

Heirloom tomatoes, like this Big Nose Tomato, are often some of the funniest fruits in the garden.

Photo: Jodi Torpey

When I wrote Blue Ribbon Vegetable Gardening, I wanted to help gardeners learn the secrets of growing picture-perfect, prize-worthy produce. From soldier-straight green beans to ideal Halloween pumpkins, the book celebrates perfection.

But I also love when I find some strange-looking fruits and vegetables in the garden. I'm sure every vegetable gardener has grown misshapen carrots, eggplants with appendages and tomatoes that look like they're winking at you. That's why I started the annual Weird Veggie & Funny Fruit photo contest in 2009.

The contest is open to vegetable gardeners in the U.S. who submit digital photos of their crazy-looking homegrown fruits or vegetables. Complete details for entering your pictures are at

The contest ends September 22 and the winners will be announced on September 25.

Who will be the big winner this year? 

Past winners, plus the best of the rest, are part of The Weird Veggie and Funny Fruit Hall of Fame. Some favorites include the Loch Ness Cucumber, Carrot Pants, the Love Apple and Friendly Alien Apple.

There are plenty of reasons why vegetables and fruits grow in odd shapes. Most of the reasons have to do with environmental conditions, like cold weather when plants are flowering or setting fruit. Other problems have to do with maintenance issues, such as inconsistent watering or improper thinning. 

When harvesting the garden look for the most amusing fruits and vegetables, take a picture and send it in to the Weird Veggie & Funny Fruit contest before September 22.

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