Raised beds over I meter tall using free materials.

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Raised pallet beds made fastened with bike innertubes.Click To Enlarge

Raised pallet beds made fastened with bike innertubes.

These raised beds cost only time to make.  You can make as many sides as you like.  You can also have just one pallet standing on it's own vertically however you will need to add some backing.

Materials:  Shipping pallets and bicycle innertubes.

Tools:  Hammer, crowbar, saw.

For each side of your bin you need one pallet in good shape and another to dissassemble for parts and two bike innertubes.  

Once dissasembled, cut the 2"x4" into little triangles that will be used to hold the horizontal troughs at 45 degrees.

Orient you pallet so the nice side faces you ad the 1" pieces a horizontal.  Tie both innertubes, one at each corner on the bottom of your pallet.  Insert one of the triangle pieces and one end of a 1" piece from the pallet you dissasembled between the the bottom horizontal pieces of 1" wood on the pallet.  Put the bike innertube around these, then behind the second 1" piece on the pallet and out again.  Keep it very tight and hold it in place while you do the same to the other side.  (you can step on it or put it under your knee.)  Work your way up going back and forth until you reach the top and then tie off the bike innertubes.

You can lash all of you pallet sides together using bike innertubes, the more you wrap them, the tighter it gets so be careful that you don't break the wood. You can put a block between the 1" pices and the wraps to ensure they don't crack.

Soil will fall out of the corners so tie some boards vertically to keep it all in.

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