my plants are dying, why?

comments (1) March 28th, 2013

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I planted these plants the second week of march. they were doing good until now. they are dying and I dont know why. This is my first vegetable planting so I'm not to sure what to do with them when they look like this. Am i over/under watering them? help, anyone know what i should do?

in the picture there is cucumber, watermelon amd dill.

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Antonio_Reis writes: Hi there. Our senior editor Danielle Sherry says this looks like damping off, in your case from over-watering. (Hard to tell). Her advice is to replant and keep things on the drier side.

Here’s what else can cause damping off:
~ overwatering
~ unsterile soil
~ dirty growing containers
~ overcrowding seedlings
~ stress, such as low light, cool temperatures

Posted: 11:22 am on April 1st
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