Franklinia Carved Relief Vase: How to Carve Gourds and Many More Techniques

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Video Length: 8:37
Produced by: Bernadette Fox

So happy to be able to show you this gourd as I was making it. I took photos and videos of the whole process, step by step. I show you how I carved, etched, woodburned, painted, embossed, gold leafed, weaved, and dyed it.

This special gourd was inspired by the rare and beautiful Franklinia alatamaha tree, which was named after Benjamin Franklin. The tree is so rare in fact that it is extinct in the wild. It only lives on because of faithful gardeners and horticulturalists. My dad grew one before, saw it bloom (beautiful, large white blossoms with deep yellow centers) and saw it drop its last leaf. Yes, sadly it died, but I made my dad this gourd (that's why I call it special BTW) for his birthday and was so happy to see how much he liked it. I hope you like it as much as he does!

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