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Mycorrhizal Fungi are beneficial microorganisms who form mutualistic relationships with the root systems of about 95% of all plants. The term mycorrhizae is from the Greek words meaning fungus roots. Mycorrhizae colonize the roots of plants and are an essential part of living soil.

Both the plant and mycorrhizae derive benefit from their association. Because the fungus cannot perform photosynthesis to fix its own carbon, it receives some of the carbohydrates which the plant passes down to its roots. In return, the plant receives essential mineral nutrients and water from the fungus via its extensive network of mycelium which reaches out much further than the plant roots, and effectively forms a secondary root system. Mycorrhizae have far narrower diameters than even the smallest root hairs and can penetrate more of the soil, increasing the absorptive surface area of the roots 100 to 1,000 times!

Plants colonized by mycorrhizae are more resistant to diseases and are more drought tolerant because they can more easily access nutrients and water from the mycorrhizae where they are stored and transported throughout the soil.

Mycorrhizal symbiosis was discovered around 100 years ago, and since then there has been much speculation as to its role in nitrogen fixation by plants. It is now thought that only procaryotic organisms can fix atmospheric nitrogen and that mycorrhizal fungi lack this ability. Nitrogen fixation in natural ecosystems has recently been attributed mainly to associative-symbiotic bacteria living in the rhizosphere or close proximity to the root zone of plants. Since the roots are usually also colonized by mycorrhizal fungi, a new concept of the mycorrhizosphere has been introduced.

The exact nature of the relationships between mycorrhizal fungi and nitrogen-fixing bacteria within the mycorrhizosphere are not yet well understood. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria have been found even inside the fungal mantle of mycorrhizae, and so the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that an interplay occurs between the two organisms, presumably to their mutual benefit. Recent research has also shown that the symbiosis also promotes higher diversity and productivity within plant communities.

Organic Plant Magic is all purpose organic fertilizer packed with every essential element plants need. Plus it's also alive with Beneficial MicroOrganisms® who are millions of helpful microbes, including mycorrhizal fungi and nitrogen-fixing bacteria, scientifically proven to build good soil structure, protect plants from pests and disease, and make even more plant food out of the existing soil and air! With Organic Plant Magic, the roots and top growth of new and existing plants develop and perform at their maximum potential.

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