Video: Protecting Your Tomatoes From Mockingbirds

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yourownvictorygarden Greg Holdsworth, contributor
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Video Length: 1:17
Produced by: Greg Holdsworth

No garden is complete without tomatoes, and those of us who are tomato devotees each year are faced with several pest challenges. No pest, however, compares to the ruthless assaults on tomatoes than Texas' state bird, the mockingbird.

For many years, I protected my tomato plants with a series of "cubes", or square box cages that were basically wood frames covered with metal chicken wire. While this method offered near-perfect protection from the mockingbirds, it made accessing, maintaining and harvesting from the tomato plants cumbersome at best.

You can certainly just cover your tomatoes with bird netting or a similar covering. However, I wanted to try something else this year. This video shows how I have set up my "tomato defense system".

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