Why do my cucumbers have a chemical taste?

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7" long 10" around

I actually have 2 problems with my cucumbers. The major one is that they have a chemical taste and the other is that they are supposed to be english cucumber, long and skinny, and they are short and fat. 

We have harvested 10 cucumbers now and the 1st one was wonderful. However, last night I peeled and sliced one and tasted it and it had this horrible chemical taste to it. Thinking it might just be me I went into the other room and had my husband taste it, and he said the same thing. So I peeled and cut up 9 more before we finally got one that did not have the chemical taste. How in the world is it getting it? I do not use any chemicals on them and the feed store that I got them from also does not use chemicles on them.

So back to the second issue. All of my cucumbers are growing to be about 7" long and have a circumfrence of a little over 10" in the biggest part. Why in the world are they growing so crazy?  

My husband and I have just put in so much work and nothing in the garden is doing what it was supposed to and now he doesnt know if he wants to try for another garden next season. Please help.

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