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I am a new member just trying to successfully grow a vegetable and flower garden using three 600 gallon circular smartpots and a 3'x22' in ground space. Right now my concern are the pumpkin plants. I have two of them in the ground, but im afraid that they may be too close together, and in my lack of knowledge and understanding of the plants, I planted three watermelon plants in between the 2 pumpkins. All plants are healthy and thriving and beginning to get larger. I think i can handle the space issue. My problem is, i read that when the pumpkins begin to flower the female needs to be fertilized. I have 1 female that has flowered and is growing a pumpkin. There was no male flower yet. Should I let it grow, or break it off?, also the watermelon are vine plants as well, is it possible that the pumpkins and watermelons can live together? or will they fight for space and light?

Im not trying to grow award winning pumpkins, this is my first time growing any kind of watermelon or pumpkin, i just want something to show for this year. Next year i'll try to grow for food consumption(and maybe some jack-o-lanterns too).

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