My first garden!

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its a tiny garden, 86x86 inside the 2x6 frame, but it has grown well.
a view from the backside. my okra plant has done very well, as well as my tomatoes. bell peppers, from seedsplanted sowed into soil, are growing very slowly.
crimson red watermelon...i now have 3 melons on vine the size of tennis balls. the plant is much bigger now as it continues to run down fence line. updated pics coming soon.
my biggest plant, an early girl tomatoe, has done very well. the smaller tomatoe plants behind her are husky cherry and they have done very well and still producing.
here is my two pineapple plants of 4yrs grown from the head of pineapples i ate, and my lemon tree of 1 yr. i have yet to see any fruit from my pineapple plants!
its a tiny garden, 86x86 inside the 2x6 frame, but it has grown well.Click To Enlarge

it's a tiny garden, 8'6"x8'6" inside the 2x6 frame, but it has grown well.

thses are pics from my first garden. In my garden are husky cherry tomatoes, early girl tomatoes, okra, bell peppers, onion and watermelon. included is a pic of my pineapple plants and a lemon tree, grown in containers. the pa plants are going on yr 5 and have yet to produce fruit. gardening is a lot of work, but my efforts have payed of well so far this summer, giving us many tomatoe and okra so far! i will update pics soon! thanks and have a great day!

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growembig66 writes: well thank you much, westerngardner, i really did enjoy my garden and its rewards so much that next year it will be twice the size of this years. i will place my plants more strategically next year after seeing the light this year! lol it is almost november now and i still have my bell pepper plants going just as strong as ever.

thanks again, Sonny
Posted: 6:49 pm on October 21st
WesternGardener writes: Congrats on your first garden! Thanks so much for posting pictures here. It does take a bit of effort to plant and maintain a vegetable garden, but (as you've found out) it's certainly worth it.

Posted: 4:23 pm on July 31st
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