Red seedless grapes from our own backyard!

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2011 spring we planted a grape plant in our backyard. The vines shot up and there was lush green foliage the first year. In the winter, the leaves withered away but the plant survived. In 2012 spring no buds, no fruits. But that was as expected.
This spring (2013) the plant came back to life and when we started seeing buds in the vines, our joy knew no bounds. Soon the plant was covered in buds and we were eagerly awaiting the transformation. To our pleasant surprise, all the little flowers turned into little green fruits. And in a matter of weeks, the entire plant was loaded with grapes.
Of course, now we couldn't wait to see the green fruits turn to red. They started turning red but not the entire bunch…a few grapes in each bunch turned red. We felt maybe it was due to the denseness of the leaves which covered the fruits from the sun. So we did a little bit of pruning. After a few more weeks, the fruits began to turn red by the bunch!
We had enough to share with our friends in the neighborhood and at work. Everyone was surprised that they were from our own garden. The fruits were delicious.We made chutney with the green grapes. Next year maybe we'll work on making some wine!

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