To-may-to To-mah-to: Delish Either Way!

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Kim_Charles Kim Charles, Web Producer
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What do you get when you combine a gardener (Fine Gardening senior editor Danielle Sherry) and a cook (Fine Cooking Web producer Sarah Breckenridge)?

You get real-life information as they plant, maintain, harvest, store, and prepare garden vegetables together in the Homegrown-Homemade video series about tomatoes

homegrown homemade video series

For even more about tomatoes, peruse our many articles below to help your tomatoes be the best in the neighborhood!

 selecting tomatoes

Tomatoes with a Past: Heirloom varieties are gaining ground

Grafted vs. Ungrafted Tomato Report: A side-by-side trial


 Planting Tomatoes 

Video: Deep Plant for Stronger Tomatoes

The Supporting Cast for Tomatoes: Provide your vines with some structure for easier harvesting, bigger fruits, and a better yield

Growing Tomatoes

How to Grow Tomatoes in Containers: With proper drainage and a suitable potting mix, tomatoes can thrive in a container environment 

Taming Your Tomatoes: For healthier plants, better fruit, and fewer headaches, choose a stake that suits your needs

pruning tomatoes

Pruning Tomatoes: How to manage your plants for better health and better fruit

Video: How to Prune Tomatoes

 troubleshooting tomatoes

Video: Troubleshooting Tomatoes: Fine Gardening staff fix some common problems in the test garden's tomato patch

tomato recipes

Tomato Abundance: 15 ways to eat tomatoes 

Quick and Easy Homemade Salsa

Arugula and Balsamic Tomatoes on Bruschetta

Tomatoes Dressed with Pesto Vinaigrette

Rapid-Roasted Tomatoes

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