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We just bought new Home. Our builder gave some evergreens in bed front of home. The soil looks like clay. There is lot of gravel in the soil. The evergreens not diet but not growing either. I planted forever hydrangeas and golden vicary. Put bayer flower bed fertilizer.They did not grew much either. Planted 10 gallardia plants and 4 salvia. Gallardia got yellow disease all dies one after other. Salvia no growth. I planted all these in july-august.

Now i am wondering if i have to start the perennial garden/annual again or not. This time i want to try digging soil and placing a nursery pot(5gallon) in the soil. And later fill another same size nursery pot with potting mix and plants, insert into the other nursery plant burries in the soil. So that i dont have to deal directly with the clay and gravel anymore. 
I assume this works good for annuals as the miracle grow potting mix will be good for 6 months. But perennials should stay longer in the same potting mix right.
1)I want to know which potting mix i should use for the perennials that go into these pots???
2)Do my idea pot in soil will work or not?
3) Do i have to add perilite at bottom of pot to absorbe dainage water?

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