Grow Your Own - My First Foray Into Homegrown Veggies

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KevinJP KevinJP, member
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I have, in recent years, stopped buying any vegetables and fruit from supermarkets - largely because it was starting to decompose almost as soon as I got it through the door. My local greengrocer is amazing and the products definitely last longer but it is astronomically expensive.

So! It seemed like time to dig out some wellies and dig UP a section of lawn in pursuit of cheap and delicious veggies. 

I decided that squash, carrots and string beans were a good starting point and don't seem too complicated. I am not famed for my carpentry and my Mrs informed me that if it was ugly I would get back from work to find it had vanished, so I bought a couple of these and fashioned them into a sort of bean-teepee. The rest had to go in raised flowerbeds as my garden tends to get a bit of ground water and I couldn't face the idea of rotten veggies before I even picked them (that would be worse than the supermarket!)

Obviously this meant that carrots were more or less out of the question as the beds just weren't deep enough. Had a bit of a read round the forums here and decided that Cabbages were the next best option. The wife was all for planting marigolds "they keep away rabbits you know..." (who knew) but since any rabbit dumb enough to venture into my garden would quickly be a Great Dane snack I declined. If I can't eat it, its not going in!

I will be back to post pictures as I go along. And very likely lots of questions! 



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