Raspberry Rhubarb Jam

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4 Cups Chopped Rhubarb (About 8 Good Size Stalks)
1.5 Ounces (Half A Packet) Raspberry Jello Mix
1/2 Cup to 1 Cup Sugar (To Taste)

Yeilds about 1.75 Pints


Chop rhubarb into pieces, about 1 inch. Add them to your large pot, and cover the bottom with a tiny bit of water, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. I like to cook it on high heat, but it cooks fast and may boil over so if this is your first time making it I would go with medium heat (4). Cook the rhubarb until it is tender and all the pieces are broken up (As if you are making Rhubarb Sauce). Add sugar and stir. Taste. Add more sugar depending on what you like. Then add the Jello mix. Just pour it in, and then stir. Do not stir while pouring. Turn down the heat at this point, to avoid splattering and burning yourself. Use a ladle to transfer the syrup into a pouring device, such as a 4 cup measuring cup. Remove your sterilized jars from the water and set them on an old dish cloth. Pour the syrup into jars, leaving a little room at the top. Screw on the jars and turn upside down. Leave to sit. (They should seal this way, if not use a water bath.)

Tip: Set the jars in the freezer for about 30 Min to help them settle and then add your labels. ENJOY!

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Comments (9)

GayleGray writes: It's really healthy!!!!
Posted: 6:11 am on September 29th
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Posted: 11:26 pm on September 9th
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Posted: 5:20 am on September 9th
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Posted: 6:14 am on September 8th
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Posted: 2:47 am on September 8th
MaeganDoty writes: gud share mate
Posted: 6:10 am on July 2nd
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Posted: 3:21 am on June 2nd
Robzikshi writes: Great stuff
Posted: 5:16 am on May 21st
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