Must Do Garden Projects for the Fall

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Nice Garden
Flooded Plants
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Nice Garden


The garden is a very nice place, where we can spend our free time during the warm summer days and evenings. Unfortunately, not everybody can say, that they have their own gardens on their disposition. Many people live in small apartments, and having a garden is just s distant dream. But having a garden, on the other side, also has its downsides. For once, the garden is a huge responsibility, and it requires lots of work and devotion in order to make it look good and appealing to the eye. And if you don't have enough time each day to maintain it in a good condition, soon it starts to look abandoned and quite unpleasant. The fall is a very specific season for every gardener, because this is the time when you have to prepare your garden for the fast approaching winter. And the tasks are quite difficult and hard to accomplish. But by fulfilling all of them, it will be a lot easier in the spring when everything comes back to life. This is why I've gathered this great list of must do garden projects for the fall. Just keep reading and you will find out everything.


Avoid flooding. The fall is well known for the warn colours on the trees, but also for the cold weather and the constant rain. And so much water falling from the sky can cause serious damage to your plants, no matter how small or big they are. The water falls on the ground, but at some point the soil just can't soak all the moisture, so puddles start to appear. And if you just leave them be, your plants will eventually drown. This is why you should find a way to protect your plants from this. There are many things you can do. For once, you can create a special dike, where the water will be stored, without ever reaching your plant and destroying it. If you think about it, there are many ways to protect your fruits and vegetables from the excessive water.


Mow the lawn. The lawn is an integral part of every suburban house nowadays. Almost every owner of a house in the suburbs has a nice lawn, and he takes a very good care of it, by mowing and watering it regularly. But most home owners do this only during the summer, and they forget that the preparation for the winter season is of a great importance for the condition of the lawn. If you just leave it be in the end of the summer, the chances are that the grass will be patchy and weak the next year, and you will have to pay for a new lawn once again. This is why you should mow it short in the late fall, spread some good fertiliser, take care of the pests, and leave it this way for the winter. In spring you will have a beautiful lawn.


Make a planter. If you're interested in taking care of different plants, but your soil is not suitable for them or the season is not right, you can always build yourself a planter and grow things on your deck or even inside the house. The planters are very easily done, and you can grow practically everything you want in there. This way you can save all your plants and preserve them for the next year.


Sow your seeds. As you know, there are plants which require a hot climate and lots of sun in order to live. But there are also plants, which prefer a cooler weather to grow, like the leafy greens, for instance. If you want to grow such plants in your garden, the early fall is the best time to sow the seeds. Make sure there are no pests in the soil, use a good and nature friendly fertiliser, and remember to water them as much as needed. And you can enjoy a good harvest after a while. And if you ever need help with anything in your garden, you can always contact this company, which offers expert gardening services in Sydney, like this one - They can always give you a hand with the maintenance of your outdoor area.


Start composting. The compost is a very important ingredient for every gardener, so you should start gathering it early, if you want to have any later. Just pick one corner of your garden, build a fence or something, and gather all the weeds, leafs and grass in there. They will rot with time, and in spring you will have a nice pile of fresh compost.


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