25 Tips for Hydroponic Plant Growers

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Sometimes despite having complete hydroponic equipment, the results aren't satisfactory and not worth the time and effort you put. You need to know the correct way of how to grow hydro and for your convenience we've described it below. Read on!

Disappointed with hydroponic gardening, amateur growers and first-timers decide not to make an attempt ever again. However, the reason is often indiscipline or the lack of knowledge.      

If you own a hydroponic garden, but haven't obtained the desired results yet, the following 25 tips will help you learn how to grow hydroponic plants successfully.

1.    Find out what you need and why.

  • Essential items will include
  • Marijuana seeds
  • Mylar, pots and potting medium such as coco coir
  • Hydroponic nutrients
  • Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs)
  • A timer and pH soil test

2.  Growing marijuana hydroponically can be more complicated than growing it in soil. If you are new to hydroponic gardening, start with setting up the basics.

3.  Since you can't suddenly expect to get extraordinary results, try growing other plants along with marijuana in your hydroponic medium.

4.  Know all nutritional needs of your plants and how to maintain the ideal temperature.

5. Make sure you keep the nutrient solution somewhere around 65°F. This will enable proper supply of dissolved   oxygen as well as maximum nutrient uptake.

6.  Don't go for professional-level hydroponic nutrient right in the beginning.

7.  Avoid additional nutrient additives as an inexperienced grower.

8.  Make sure you have a written feeding schedule before starting to grow. This will ensure proper plant growth and a satisfactory yield in the end.

9. Keep your equipment and all essential nutrients compiled in the grow room. This will allow you to access them immediately when needed.

10. Keep the temperature high when growing indoors and less outdoors.

11. Make sure you havekept the ballast for the lights in a separate room.

12. Don't forget to keep checking and adjusting the nutrient reservoir solution daily.

13. It is important to minimize/control exposure to light to keep the nutrient solution safe.

14. One of the most important routines is to change the nutrients and water at least once in two weeks.

15. When it is time for nutrient change, keep an extra reservoir ready with plain water.

16. Use a digital meter in order to control the dark period.

17. Make sure your dark period goes completely uninterrupted. Consider keeping the surroundings properly dark during this phase.

18. Spend time cleaningand sterilizingthe hydroponic system between crops.

19. Make sure you quarantine new plants for at least two weeks before placing them in the garden.

20. If you are coming from outside or after visiting another garden, avoid visiting your hydroponic garden.

21. You should change clothes every time you have to enter the garden for inspection etc.

22. Make sure your pets don't enter the garden.

23. If you have any visitors coming to see the garden, ask them to follow the rules.

24. Let the place be properly exhausted properly with a filter or screen.

25. For optimal yields, develop a habit of replacing the nutrient solution every 6 to 7 days.

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vasanthanju writes: Thanks for this content. People started preferring hydroponics farming system because it gives the best yield and better products.

Posted: 5:39 am on October 27th
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