Easy Ways to Kill Weeds Naturally

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Boiling water
Killing weeds with vodka
Killing weeds with newspaper
Killing weeds with soap
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Usage of vinegar in the garden
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Boiling water

Gardening is a very good idea for a hobby, which will bring you some peace and quiet in this fast and cruel world. For more and more people their gardens are like their sanctuaries, where they can spend their free time taking care of different plants or just relax with a book and a drink. Anyway, we can easily conclude that gardening is awesome and it can make our lives a lot happier and better. But just like everything else in this world, even gardens posses some things, which are able to play on our nerves and destroy all the great work we do. I'm talking about all the weeds that grow around our vegetables and flowers and make the entire place look bad and abandoned. Even if you pick them up by hand, they still keep growing back and make your life miserable. But, as most people say, it's impossible to have something good, without bringing something bad to go with it. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to kill weeds naturally and without the need to use harsh chemicals. Here are they.

Vinegar. The vinegar is already well known for its cleaning and disinfecting abilities, and it is widely used as a cleaning detergent when mixed with some water and soap. But what many people start realising right now is, that if it's used properly, the vinegar can kill practically every kind of weed and plant. When it's diluted with some water, it can suck the life of practically every plant, no matter how waxy its leafs are. Just make sure that the plants you want in your garden are well covered, because if you spray them they will die too. The easiest way to apply this weed killing solution is by cutting the bottom of a big plastic bottle, put the rest of the bottle over the weed, and spray the vinegar inside the bottle. This way the weed will most certainly die, but your other plants won't be affected. If you're not certain in something, you can always seek help from weeding and turf laying experts in your area.

Newspaper. The newspaper is one of the cheapest and most effective solutions for killing weeds. The only thing you need to do is to find an old newspaper and spread the pages on the ground around your tree or plants. The paper will stop the oxygen and the sunlight from reaching the soil, and all the weeds will be smothered instantly. And if you want this to be a long term solution, just spread a layer of 10 pages of newspaper, water it a little so it can hold, and spread some mulch over it. This will act as a fertiliser and as a weed stopper all at the same time.

Vodka. Many people would think that this is just a waste of perfectly good vodka, but it's still a great solution to kill all the unwanted weeds in your garden. You only need to mix one part vodka with two parts of water and spray it over them. The sun will do the rest of the work. The only issue is that this solution won't work so well on shade loving plants. Also, you should be careful and protect your other plants while using this solution.

Soap. The different oils they put in the soaps easily break down hairy or waxy leaf surfaces, which makes them vulnerable to sun and draught, and they die eventually. The best way to use this weed killing solution is to add a few drops of liquid soap or dish detergent into a spray bottle, filled with vinegar or vodka and spray all the plants you don't want there. The soap will make the leafs of the weeds shiny, so you will easily see which ones you have already sprayed.

Boiling water. This is another very easy way to get rid of practically everything in your way, including weeds. So, after you make yourself a nice coffee or tea, just take the kettle outside and pour the hot water over the nasty weeds. They will burn up instantly, then dry and die. Easiest thing ever.

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pol_bishop25 writes: I think hot boiling water is the most effective method in this list. I've tried it numerous times and it has never failed to deliver.

Recently I tried a weed touch and to be honest it did a good job. Yes, it also left some black spots, but what can you do. At least now I know the pesky weeds won't come back.
Posted: 7:57 am on April 12th
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