The 4 Inevitable Factors Making KMnO4 A Perfect Gardening Source

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Plantation and gardening are very popular hobbies with lots of people around the world. Needless to say there are large populations that have a great affection for gardening. People have kept growing plants in their gardens and backyards as well as in their farms. Certainly dense, rich and attractive gardens attract everyone. It's common knowledge that it takes hard work and efforts to make a perfect garden. However there are various techniques used to help make life easier in this regard.

One of the techniques for a healthy garden is through the use of chemical compounds. They have been in use for many years. Additionally they have also shown very effective results. For this reason, the use of chemical compounds in the growth of plants has gradually increased over the years. To be more precise, people now are highly dependent upon this aspect for the growth of their plants.

Consequently there have been various chemical components which could be used to boost the growth of their plants. One such compound which emerged as a lucrative source for gardening is "potassium permanganate". This multi-purpose chemical compound enriches the growth process of the plants of any kind. This ultimately results in the formation of dense and rich plantation.

This compound is known as Condy's crystals named after the chemist Henry Bollmann Condy, who discovered this chemical compound. It shows the chemical formula as KMnO4 and has varied uses when it comes to a healthy gardening. Take a look at some of its advantageous gardening factors which include-

  • Control of moss in lawns
  • Club root in brassicas and other susceptible plants
  • Control of powdery mildew in gardens
  • Carrot fly deterrent
  • Sterilizing soil
  • Disinfectant
  • Fungus control for fish in tanks and ponds

Apart from these there have been various other gardening uses of KMnO4. It has resulted in increased growth and productivity in plants. Apart from the required necessities to grow a plant, adding a small amount of this chemical compound adds wonders. One could completely rely upon the prolific aspects of this chemical component.

Besides, there are various other uses of potassium permanganate. Some of these include

Sterilizing Soil-

This component is an ideal source for sterilizing the soil. To achieve this, a solution is prepared which is poured in the growing area. Further this solution minimizes the probabilities of damage to the roots which occurs due to the club root disease. There are many gardeners who like to sterilize the soil in glasshouses where the same plants are grown every year.

Moss Control-

This process is could be carried out by placing one teaspoonful into 9 litres of water and then spreading over the moss. Other than that Moss and Liverwort Control could be used as an alternative to control moss.

Carrot Fly-

To prevent the crops from carrot fly you can add few grains of potassium permanganate to the water to get a light pink colourand then spraying over the carrot crops.

Celery Rust-

If the first signs of celery rust are seen, then it could be prevented by preparing a weak solution of potassium permanganate. This should then be sprayed over the celery and the process repeated as required.

One of the best parts of KMnO4 is that it is comparably cheaper than that of the other sprays. As these chemical formations have shown better results they have been very well received by various gardeners around the world. However it also depends upon the gardeners thoughts regarding the use of this chemical compound.

Author's Profile-This post has been authored by Daniel who is a horticulturist. He discusses the various uses of Condy's crystals over here.

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