4 Small Garden Ideas for a Splendid Apartment

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Indoor tulips
Coconut planter
Pallet living garden
Indoor tulipsClick To Enlarge

Indoor tulips

Modern way of life has forced people out of nature as never before. Unfortunately, many of us live in flats and apartments in downtown areas and are unable to have gardens. But there are some small garden ideas for your flat which will help you keep greenery in your daily life. Here are 4 helpful tips on how to beautify your flat, provided by your helpful gardeners in Bristol.

4. Plant Indoor Tulips

The easiest way to add greenery to your daily life does not even require soil. You don't even need any gardening experience! All you need is a glass container, some rocks or marbles, and a single tulip bulb. Fill 1/3 of the glass container with the pebbles and put the tulip on top of them. Add a few more pebbles for support, and then pour fresh water as close as you can to the bulbs, without touching them! Put it on your window or on a table with enough light. Soon the roots of the tulips will reach the water and the flower will blossom. Make sure there's always enough fresh water for the tulip to stay hydrated.

3. Hang Coconut Planters

This simple planter will add some exotic touch to your indoor design. This is also a suitable addition to your list of outdoors garden design ideas.

Buy some coconuts and cut them in half. Leave them to dry for several days and then drill 4 holes on the sides of the coconut, plus one at the bottom (for drainage). Put strings through the four holes and fill the coconut with soil. Hang it on your ceiling, but remember you must be able to reach it in order to water it. You can plant succulent plants, or even herbs such as thyme and basil, depending on your preferences.

2. Make a Terrarium

This is the classic small garden design-so small you can fit it in an apothecary jar! Terrariums are a great fun, especially for young kids.

Buy an apothecary jar (you can find different varieties online). Fill it with one inch of rocks, and then some activated charcoal on top of the rocks. Add some spongy moss and soil, and plant some succulents. Ensure the roots of the succulents are loosened-this will ease them. Decorate it with accessories of choice. Make sure the plants are well-watered and keep the lid of the terrarium closed. Your kids will be fascinated by this little garden in a jar.

1. Construct a Pellet Garden

You have many front garden ideas or patio ideas but you don't know how to realise them in your flat? As refreshing our previous entries are, you don't need to settle for planters and jars. You can always bring your garden on your balcony.

Salvage some old pellets-you can find plenty of people who offer them for free online. You will also need some L-brackets, and an automatic drill. Lay the pellet on a table and wrap its backside and bottom with landscape fabric. To secure the cloth, add some plywood support and nail it to the pellet. Fill the pellet with soil-make sure you use only high-quality one, as garden soil is too heavy and will break the pellet.

Plant the foliage of choice-you can use both decorative plants and edible herbs. Gardeners from Bristol advise to leave the pellet in a horizontal position for several days. This will allow the roots of the plants to anchor to the soil. When you are sure there's no risk of plants or soil falling off, secure the pellet to a wall with the help of four L-brackets. Please keep in mind this is not suitable for indoor rooms as some soil will eventually fall off out of the bottom of the pellet. Still this is a remarkable addition to your balcony, adding a vertical garden where ones was only a wall!

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