End-of-the-Garden Vinegar

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Insert herbs and flowers into the bottle one by one, shaking the bottle to move the pieces into place.
Using a funnel, slowly pour in the vinegar, trying not to dislodge or crush anything.
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Branches of colorful and decorative fresh herbs (golden sage, ‘African Blue’ basil)
Edible flowers on their stems (calendula, flowering thyme)
Whole, slender, colorful vege­tables (red chiles, small carrots)
3 to 4 cups white rice vinegar or white wine vinegar or a mixture

Makes 1 bottle

Gently submerge herbs, flowers, and vegetables in a sink full of cold water to lift off bugs and soil. Sterilize a tall, decorative, clear-glass bottle.

Lift herbs, flowers, and vegetables from the water and shake well or pat dry. Cut at different lengths so each will show to advantage in the bottle. Slide into the bottle one by one, shaking the bottle as needed to move the piece into place. Slowly pour vinegar into the bottle through a funnel, trying not to dislodge or crush anything. Fill to within 1/2 in. of the top and cap or cork the bottle tightly. Cover with brown paper to keep out the light. Keep in a cool, dark, dry place until time to wrap.

Recipe by Sylvia Thompson
December 1997
from issue #12

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Comments (3)

hankrooster writes: I use vinegar allot... It is healthy and also makes every recipe Delicious
Posted: 4:21 am on July 22nd
mathewcraig writes: Brilliant
Posted: 1:03 am on May 18th
BasilBaby writes: Love this, I'll be making it soon!
Posted: 6:31 am on May 9th
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