Designing with Rhubarb

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by Jan Gertley
April 1997
from issue #8

Rhubarb is a particularly striking vegetable to use in kitchen garden design. Its bold leaves and strong red and green stalks make this architectural plant a good focal point. The following are just a few planting ideas that combine rhubarb with a variety of other plants. Incorporate these ideas into your kitchen garden or use the principles of design to inspire other plant compositions.

Perennial bed (top design in the drawing)

If your kitchen garden has an area specifically designated for perennials, consider this combination, which uses asparagus as a backdrop. The textural contrast between tall, feathery asparagus and the dominant rhubarb leaves creates interest, while the small strawberry plants form a compact border.

Central display (middle)
This striking combination is perfect for the center of a garden. Delicate plumes of bronze fennel rise above a trio of rhubarb plants ringed with red leaf lettuce. Smaller in scale, the ruffled lettuce leaves echo the form of rhubarb leaves. Tinged with bronzy-red coloring, the lettuce coordinates nicely with both bronze fennel and the red stalks of rhubarb.

Red scheme (bottom)

Four red-stemmed vegetables of various heights make a bright and dazzling, multi-textured display. Tall, burgundy okra provides a colorful backdrop, while the majestic rhubarb remains the center of attention, flanked by ruby-stemmed Swiss chard and burgundy-stemmed beets.

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