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Dill Pesto.
Dill Biscuits.
Dill Pesto.Click To Enlarge

Dill Pesto.

Photo: Boyd Hagen

by Peter Garnham
June 1998
from issue #15

Dill doesn’t always have to serve as pungent accent. True dill lovers know it can perform the lead role deliciously.

A pesto made with two cups of dill lends extraordinary freshness to a bowl of pasta. The pesto rolled up with smoked salmon and cucumber makes an hors d’oeuvre worthy of a sterling party tray. Or spread it on bread and gobble it up in the kitchen when nobody is looking.

A cup of dill folded into an easy biscuit recipe gives the day an elegant start or that little something extra when tea is not enough. When summer heat bears down, 2 tablespoons of just-picked dill turns a chilled cucumber soup into a spring-fed pool of flavor.

For the best presentation as a garnish, snip the ferny leaves from the stalks with sharp scissors. But if it’s just the flavor you want, you can leave the smaller stalks and chop them finely.

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deanfox78 writes: This is tasty.
Posted: 12:21 am on August 3rd
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