Creative Ways to Use Stuffing Tomatoes

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The seed clusters in stuffing tomatoes can be removed easily because they dont adhere to the walls of the fruit.Click To Enlarge

The seed clusters in stuffing tomatoes can be removed easily because they don't adhere to the walls of the fruit.

Photo: John Bray

by Jesse Cool
August 2000
from issue #28

My first inclination with stuffing tomatoes was to do what my mom did with bell peppers—pack them with rice, onions, and ground meat. But on further exploration, I’ve found a number of creative ways to use these tomatoes.

How to use them depends upon their freshness, firmness, flavor, and size. It is best to taste each variety before deciding.  Besides stuffing and roasting them, you can also soften them in the oven to bring out a deeper flavor, then ladle them full with creamed vegetables or thick soup. Served raw and filled with tuna or egg salad, your favorite grain mix, or a medley of lightly dressed seasonal greens, stuffing tomatoes make an eye-catching summertime meal.

Besides the stuffer varieties, consider stuffing plum-shape paste tomatoes like ‘Roma’. Thick walled and fleshy with few seeds, they are a wonderful and commercially accessible tomato to fill with savory concoctions. These days, in addition to the familiar small ‘Roma’, you can find long yellow paste tomatoes and heirlooms such as the 7-inch-long ‘Sausage Tomato’ at farmer’s markets. They’re a perfect alternative if you can’t find a true stuffer.

Here are a few recipes to get you started: Tomatoes Stuffed with Mint and Bulgur and Baked Stuffed Tomatoes.

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