Veggie Garden 2006

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The new Veggie Garden in 2006.  So clean and free of weeds (sigh)!
The new Veggie Garden with plants.  I LOVE the neat rows (before the weeds try and take over).
The new Veggie Garden in 2006.  So clean and free of weeds (sigh)!Click To Enlarge

The new Veggie Garden in 2006.  So clean and free of weeds (sigh)!

New Veggie Garden 2006

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nancynursez637 writes: Weed control is easier than we might think. With a one half acre garden, I spend less than 10 hours all summer keeping weeds at bay.

I do use raised beds and instead of growing in rows there, I broad cast seed to cover the entire bed. Sometimes a little thinning will be necessary but literally no weeding accompanies this kind of growing. The things I grow this way are green beans (bush), peas (bush), carrots, squash, lettuce, corn, and potatoes. some spacing is necessary for potatoes and corn, but they shade the beds and very little weed can get started.

Widely spaced things like watermelon, tomatoes, cants, asparagus require some weeding. But in the heavily grown, broadcast beds, teh plants grow up and shade the soil, so there is no weeding needed.
Posted: 12:20 pm on February 3rd
WesternNYGardener writes: This garden look great. Are the rocks around it for a specific purpose? We have a lot of deer and other critters that eat most of our plants and I am always seeking information on tips to keep them away.
Posted: 12:44 pm on March 15th
michelleatlarryville writes: I got started early in February with the grow lights in the basement. I have shelves overflowing with beautifull butter lettuce and red iceberg! Everything is growing great, but I am still waiting for the slow to show eggplant, and the warm weather, at least warm enough for a row cover! Good gardening to you! The seed starting gives a wonderful feeling when you can see that spring is inevitable.
Posted: 5:50 pm on March 13th
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