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Hello, everyone. I'm new to this site and this effort, but looking forward to meeting you all and sharing good ideas and tips. I've been playing in the dirt for most of my life, and over time have discovered what works for me. Gardening can be a challenge out here on the Great Plains, with burning summers and sometimes damaging storms. The less time I have to spend weeding and the more time admiring (and enoying) the produce, the better I like it.

Raised beds are my preferred method, and I like to amend our difficult soils with as much compost as needed. I have a five-bin system, and usually have two or three bins cooking all year long. Much of the finished product ends up in the garden, either as a component of new soil, or top-dressing on last year's beds.

Let me start off with a question - Do any of you make your own potting medium (soil), and if so, what works for you? I'm thinking of the indoor seed starting medium that is available in the stores, but would like to make my own.

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ShirleyBovshow writes: welcome! A little more testosterone in the garden is a good thing!
Posted: 3:36 pm on March 14th
ChrisMcLaughlin writes: Hi Ron,

Welcome - we like men it the garden around here! I have mixed my own and wrote about it (if I may) here:
Posted: 3:22 pm on March 14th
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