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Why are the leeks beginning to go to seed in July this year?

comments (1) July 22nd, 2009

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muckingabout muckingabout, member
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This year my neighbour and I once again have planted our leeks in the raised beds in the vegetable garden area on our strata common property. We did everything as we have in past years. I have only been growing leeks for 5 years but she has been doing it for much longer. We have noticed not only extra growth coming up from the centre of the leaves but also small leek plants forming around around the base of the plants. We have pulled a few thinking that they must be ready. However they are a very small in size. This is two months earlier than we usually pull them up. Sometimes we have had then in the ground until the end of October or even into the cold rainy winter weather. Can anyone tell us what we need to do about this?

I have just come from the garden and was thinking I wish there was a place to post question on the "Vegetable Gardener website. What do you think I found when I sat down to check my email? This is a great idea! Thank you for including it. 



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lesterneal32 writes: good planing.
Posted: 6:22 am on October 15th
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