Video: Stuffed Grape Leaves

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For years I have been cultivating grapes here on my farmette and finally I learned how to make stuffed grape leaves. I have some neighbors whose grandparents are Greek and would visit with him during the summer. Every year they would come by my farm stand and get the usual: a dozen eggs, some leaf lettuce, and his Granny would pick a bunch of my grape leaves.

I told her it was fine as long as she gave me her recipe for "dolmades," which I
am now sharing with you.  They are very easy to make and so delicious! Dolmades: An Arabic term meaning "something stuffed." Dolma (stuffed vegetables) became "Dolmades" in Greece, which is a dish  prepared of grape leaves that can be stuffed with rice, meat, lentils, and seasonings, similar to a mini Greek burrito.This dish is typically served as an appetizer and can easily be vegetarian or vegan by swapping the meat out for beans or tofu. So as you plan your gardens this year, don't forget the grape vines!

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