Potting Bench: Plan and Instructions

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Click here to download the plan.
Click here to download the plan.Click To Enlarge

Click here to download the plan.

Photo: Gary Williamson

by Bill Myles
January 1998
from issue #12

Click here to download the plan and step-by-step instructions for building the potting bench (pdf format).

  Potting bench free plan
  Download the plan.

The overall directions for this potting bench are simple, and you can modify the design according to your needs or style. For example, I added boards to the back of the top shelves to keep things from falling off, but that's optional. I also cut the lower supports and ends of the top shelf on an angle to break up all the straight lines.

Click here for photos and more about materials, making the frames, assembling the bench, cutting the hatch, and fitting the top shelf unit. 

Tools needed to build this bench:   Materials list
• Handsaw   Quantity Item
• Jigsaw   11 12-ft. 2x4s
• Drill   1 12-ft. 2x3
• 3/8-in. Forstner bit   1 8-ft. 1x6
• Tin snips   2 6-ft. 1x6s
• Hammer   2 8-ft. 2x2s
• Utility knife   3 6-ft. 1x4s
• Flush-cutting peg saw     2-ft. by 2-ft. x 1/2-in.
hardware cloth
    1 box (100) 1-5/8-in. galvanized
deck screws
    1 bottle Exterior-grade glue
      3/8-in. by 3/8-in. by 2-ft.
piece of teak

Need woodworking advice or help learning about the tools used in this project? Visit FineWoodworking.com and research how to use and buy the right tool in the Tool Guide.

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