Get a full-body workout while gardening

comments (0) July 10th, 2009

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Anatole Anatole, digital director
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Video Length: 1:10
Produced by: Balance of Nature Publishing

I like weeding about as much as I like going to the gym. Jeff Restuccio has a method that makes a lot of sense -- get the most out your gardening by really working it. Here's a sample video, and you'll find more on Jeff's aerobicgardener YouTube channel.

There you have it. Another good reason to wear Spandex in public.

But wait, there's more! Send Jeff your worn out (or unused) Thigh-Master plus postage and handling and he'll trade you his book "Fitness the Dynamic Gardening Way".

Full disclosure: I have no business relationship with Jeff. I discovered his site while browsing the far corners of the web and am not endorsing his methods or products.

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