Raised beds (yet more)

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PeterDurand PeterDurand, member
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I built these beds because the drainage here is very poor..clay. Also it is easier on the old back. It has drip irregation which is configureable. I am the hardware guy and cook and my wife Sandra is the gardener.





More Information: My own design
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supermeof3 writes: Peter,
I love the the shape and size, seems great for getting into.
Your wife is a lucky gal :)
Posted: 3:05 pm on May 9th
Kate_Frank writes: I love this "I" layout!
Posted: 2:54 pm on May 7th
Ruth writes: Thanks for the details. I was curious about how the structure is held together at the corners. The Lee Valley raised bed kit page clarifies the point: http://www.leevalley.com/garden/page.aspx?c=2&p=47455&cat=2

Now I'm wondering what mushroom manure is. Maybe you should post a little story about it.

Even veteran gardeners get excited about the prospect of a whole new gardening season. I, for example, am waiting for my salad garden to produce. I've had next to no salad since last fall. Just can't see paying money for that insipid stuff at the grocery...
Posted: 4:23 pm on April 30th
shywoodlandcreature writes: Not Peter, but I can answer your questions. The beds in the larger picture are two feet high (perfect for an aging back!)by four feet by eight. The smaller pics are one foot high (not as good as two, but better than kneeling on the ground). We built the larger beds about two years ago, and the smaller ones this spring, using a framing system from Lee Valley. The sides are cement pavers, topped with pressure-treated lumber. I'm not sure what you're asking about the corners, though in the top pic you can see where some enterprising mole has burrowed his/her way into the beds. (Grrr...) The dirt we're using is about half sand and half mushroom manure.

Winter, here has hung on long past its welcome, so we don't have much growing just yet. Rhubarb is the exception, and it seems to have plans for world domination - it's taking over an entire bed, and then some! I do have some early salad greens and beets in the cold frame. As a novice gardener, I'm really getting excited - this planting thing actually works! Whodda thunk it?
Posted: 3:42 pm on April 30th
Ruth writes: These are reallly nice, Peter. Can you tell us more about the materials and the construction? What's going on at the corners? Also, how high are they?
Posted: 10:26 am on April 30th
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