The World Needs More "Eden Makers!"

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The role of the Eden Maker has been around for centuries and present throughout the world.
Nature calls out to the human spirit, Come outside, relax and enjoy the beauty of our world!
The most beautiful Edens were not created by human hands. God is the garden designer I admire most!
Im proud to be an Eden Maker and a part of a group of kindred spirits who understand that the best things in life are right outside our doors!
The role of the Eden Maker has been around for centuries and present throughout the world.Click To Enlarge

The role of the Eden Maker has been around for centuries and present throughout the world.

Photo: Shirley Bovshow

 What is an Eden Maker?   

 “An Eden Maker brings a little bit of paradise to our world by creating a garden, growing a plant or preserving the beauty of our natural world by establishing a beneficial relationship with nature.” 

  Why do we Need Eden Makers? 

  As technology becomes a greater force in our lives at work, in our relationships, in our pursuit of leisure, people will spend the majority of their productive time on a computer, or in the “virtual world.” The virtual world is a great “world minimizer” or shrinker because it makes our world smaller and more accessible at the touch of a keystroke.

In one minute, the internet makes it possible for us to chat with someone in India or Australia, the next, we are back in Los Angeles. People argue, fall in love and make life changing financial decisions on the internet. Many people’s lives are primarily lived and experienced on the computer these days.

How does all this virtual activity and interaction affect our mind, psyche and spirit that are derived from organic matter and expressed in genetic code and not some “ HTML” or other computer language? Other than convenience, is this type of constant interaction in the best interest of the human race?  

I believe that as our lives become more computer-centric, the more we will crave reality for our down time and the role of the Eden Maker will become more important in our society.  

The reality is that “virtual reality” is no substitute for the real world!  

The real world- “dirt world” as I refer to it, with its trees, shrubs, flowers, mountains, rivers, the wind the sun and the stars...this is what our human spirit needs and craves! Even though most people don’t know the name of the shade tree they have in their yard, or the variety of grass they picnic on, people are drawn to the garden. The attraction is in our genetic makeup.

For example, if you ask someone if they want to eat indoors or outdoors at a restaurant, most people will opt for the outdoors. Why? It feels better to be outside! I’ve noticed the increased popularity of outdoor concerts, outdoor exercise, outdoor offices and outdoor classrooms.

 I'm not saying everyone wants to get involved with gardening per se, but the attraction to be outdoors is very strong in us.

Nature is a “silent backdrop” for our lives...

Thank God, for nature! Nature is our “living” counterpart on this earth.  Flowers lend their quiet presence to help us mark important rites of passage like births, graduations, new jobs, weddings, religious ceremonies, and to lift our spirits in illness and finally, to bid us farewell in death.

Plants have always been "there for us." Plants do so much for us and ask for so little in return!

Being a plant can be a thankless job, but not for the Eden Maker who works with plants!

Plants don’t show up for these important events by themselves. There is a “field of Eden Makers’ working in the background making“it all happen. Plant growers, farmers, florists, garden designers, maintenance crews, vinters, and others, all play a vital role in these life moments. Flowers and plants are tools for healing, spirit lifting and beauty in the hands of a skilled Eden Maker.

Everything in life starts and ends in a garden...

.. Our lives revolve around what grows in the garden. Plants provide us with the food we eat, the material used to make our clothes, the lotion we put on our bodies, to the fuel that will power our cars in the future. Just as we live from the garden, one day we will be buried in a garden or have our ashes scattered in the wind where they will ultimately settle on the ground somewhere.


 Our high-tech world needs Eden Makers more than ever before!

Are you an Eden Maker? You are if you are a garden hobbiest or a professional in any of the vast industries that involve horticulture and nature. From plant hybridizers to natural science teachers to horticultural therapist in rehabilitation centers, if your hand touches the plow or petal and you are firmly rooted in the dirt world- you may be an Eden Maker!

Eden Makers will always be in demand.

Go out and cultivate your knowledge of plants and skills that will make you a better Eden Maker. Create a garden and share it with others because when people leave the sedating company of the computer, they will feel a need to come up for air. Eden Makers, the flowers and the trees will be there to replenish our souls and help us come back down to earth where we all belong.

Enjoy the visit to Shirley's gardens in this music video titled "Pocket Full of Sunshine"

  Are you  an Eden Maker too? I know I can't be the only one out there! 






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Comments (2)

ShirleyBovshow writes: Hi kaggy,
thanks for commenting. I just read your profile- 55 years gardening AND you are involved in a community garden with your daughters? You are awesome! An inspiration and yes, a true eden maker!

How is your garden coming along this season?
Posted: 12:01 pm on April 30th
kaggy writes: yes I am an eden maker my little piece of eden. and love working on it every chance I get. we all need to be more concern with our earth, I believe in doing everything organically. Treat the earth with respect, she is a living creature. we are all connected. kaggy
Posted: 11:21 am on April 30th
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