Multi-purpose long-lived metal trellis

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Concrete-reinforcing 4ft. x 8 ft. metal grids are available at construction supply yards and many lumberyards , where I also buy the rebar to anchor them.  Many yards will cut  rebar to desired length .  Both items are inexpensive, quickly rust to a dark colour, and last forever.  The 6"x6" openings make it easy to reach through  for harvesting.

I use the grid 4 ft high for peas,  8 ft. upright for sweetpeas.  Shape it into an A-frame for cucumbers set on both sides.  It can also be bent into a tunnel to keep sprawling plants off the ground.  Two grids, each bent in the middle at a right angle and held together with zip ties or wire, made a whopping  4ftx4ftx4ft leaf composter. . . which later I bent back into other shapes.  This summer, as ever hopeful  to get around staking/tying my tomatoes,  I plan on a line of several grids, bent into 2 or 3 ft zig-zags, each to form a niche for a tomato plant;  bamboo poles slid horizontally across the open side should (at least that is the plan) effortlessly hold in the rest.

It is important not to skimp on the length of the rebar when using the grids as upright trellis:  4 ft. is a minimum since at least one ft. should be driven into the ground.  I've seen these grids attached (via 4" wooden spacer blocks) to a garage wall, holding thornless  blackberries:  an elegant solution.  Attractive and sturdy  though they are, these grids should not be used as overhead trellis where they could drip rust onto furniture or patio stones.


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Ruth writes: Great idea, TorontoGardener. Could you post some photos to illustrate your ideas?
Posted: 1:43 pm on May 4th
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