Video: It's Tomatomania! So Why Do You Grow Tomatoes?

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Video Length: 2:00
Produced by: Matt Berger with Kate Frank

Tomatomania came to town this weekend just in time to celebrate the onset of tomato growing season here in the Northeast. The annual event, which took place in CT at White Flower Farm, tours the country every Spring, showcases nearly 100 heirloom tomato varieties with names that range from (my favorite) Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes to the Green Zebra.

A few of us representing Fine Gardening magazine and set up camp at the event on Friday to hand out tote bags and free copies of the magazine, and to capture video of the event. We asked attendees to tell us why they grow tomatoes. Their answers ranged from family tradition, to great taste, to the economy.

I grow tomatoes because it's a great activity to share with my young kids and I love the satisfaction of growing food from scratch. Unfortunately I can't cite economic reasons because it cost me a bundle to set up my vegetable garden this year and it will be a few years before it pays off.

So why do YOU grow tomatoes? Post a comment below.

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