Frugal Seed Starting Trays

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Recycled Seedling TraysClick To Enlarge

Recycled Seedling Trays


The first year I started seeds, I used those fun little jiffy pots. I found, however, that when I was digging up the garden that fall to plant cool weather crops, all of the netting was still around the rootball of my plants. Now, for annuals, this might not be a problem, but then again, I didn’t really want all those little pieces of netting floating around in the soil in my garden. So I started using trays.

Well, actually, I started using egg carton tops with drainage holes punched into them. Don’t get me wrong, I love to use the cardboard egg cartons for buying eggs because they biodegrade in my compost pile. But I found that starting seeds in the Styrofoam egg cartons actually helps the soil retain moisture for longer, cuts down on fungus (because they can be washed in hot soapy water to help kill bacteria… hot soapy water tends to destroy the cardboard kind of cartons) and helps give me something to do with all those egg cartons!

So here's how to make your own cheap seed starting trays.

• Wash the egg carton top (that is now separated from the bottom) in hot soapy water. Allow to dry.

• Take a knife and make holes in the bottom of your tray for drainage. I find that simply inserting the knife and rotating it 45 degrees to each side gives a nice size hole.

• Fill your tray with sterile potting soil or some other seed starting medium.

• Plant your seeds.

• Place your seed tray on a cookie sheet or some other tray that will hold water so that you can water from the bottom. This will help protect your seedlings from damping off and will also make your watering chores SO much easier.

• Congratulate yourself on reusing an egg carton and keeping your garden inexpensive!

For links to articles, blog posts, and videos on starting vegetable and flower seeds, see All About Starting Seeds.

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