Potato Salad with Shallot and Mustard Dressing

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3 lb. small, red-skinned potatoes, cut into irregular, bite-size pieces
1/2 cup finely chopped shallots
6 Tbs. dry white wine
1 tsp. salt
2 Tbs. tarragon-flavored white wine vinegar
1 Tbs. Dijon mustard
6 Tbs. extra-virgin olive oil
1/4 cup chopped chives
2 Tbs. minced parsley
Coarsely grated pepper

4 servings

This old-fashioned classic has been popular in my family for a long time. The only tricky part is the potato, since different varieties absorb the dressing in different ways. Choose a potato that you know is a good salad variety. The French prefer ‘Roseval’, a smallish red-skinned potato now valued as a culinary heirloom, even though it was introduced in 1950.

Put the potatoes in a vegetable steamer, cover and steam steadily for 25 to 30 minutes or until tender. Remove from the steamer and pour the potatoes into a deep work bowl. Gently mix in the shallots so that the hot potatoes cook them slightly. Then sprinkle the mixture with 3 Tbs. of the white wine and set aside to cool.

Put the remaining wine, salt, vinegar, and mustard in a mixing bowl and whisk until the salt is dissolved. Add the oil and whisk again to create a vinaigrette.

Once the potatoes are cool or at room temperature, add the vinaigrette, the chives, and the parsley. Season with pepper to taste and serve.

Recipe by William Woys Weaver
April 2000
from issue #26

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Comments (6)

DaniloHawk writes: Tasty
Posted: 2:38 am on October 8th
EvieMcCall writes: Great for health.
Posted: 3:43 am on October 5th
brunomars writes: Impressive dude
Posted: 7:29 am on October 3rd
kavintinker writes: Healthy and testy
Posted: 2:20 am on September 27th
scarletpit writes: I've tried it and I add some extra ingredient like sweet potato, some herbs, sprinkle on top little bit of mint powder and some drops of olive oil...
Posted: 12:41 am on September 7th
arontrost writes: Just Awesome
Posted: 7:12 am on May 18th
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