Eggplant Topiary

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Eggplant TopiaryClick To Enlarge

Eggplant Topiary

Photo: Karen Budnick

I bought two eggplant seedlings and then decided to read about their "care and feeding". According to Barbara Damrosch's The Garden Primer, garden writer Nancy Bubel has recommended growing them in large containers (I think to make it easier to hover over them). Damrosch suggests the alyssum I planted around the base as a living mulch.  She also writes that "a certain amount of eggplant-growing is sheer luck". 

The containers are lighter than they look. That's definitely a good thing. If I can keep them moving, maybe I can avoid insects, wilt and blight that are just waiting to pounce. Of course, there's also the sudden hail that shredded my canna last summer.  How much are eggplants per pound at the farmer's market???

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alouagie writes: I've had good luck with eggplants the past few years. This year I have one in my front flower bed at the mailbox. I think their leaves are very ornamental and work well in places you don't expect to see vegetables.
Posted: 10:33 pm on May 30th
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