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comments (5) July 2nd, 2009

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Ask a question or help answer other gardening questions in our new Garden Q&A forum.
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Ask a question or help answer other gardening questions in our new Garden Q&A forum.

Are you searching for answers to your gardening questions, or are you a teacher at heart and can't wait to help out a fellow gardener in need? Well then, welcome to our new Garden Q&A blog where you can ask and answer questions on a variety of gardening topics.

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Comments (5)

jesuit writes: I live in Gilroy Ca. and want to plant escarole when is the best time? can I plant now?
Posted: 12:58 pm on October 3rd
Saltoo145 writes: I have a small backyard garden that looks great. Tomatoes, cukes, lettuce, numerous herbs ,peas, beans etc. I have attempted to plant gourmet shallots this year for the first time. All was going well for the first while the green tops were coming up and I added some straw mulch to the soil around the shoot as I did to the rest of the garden and the green tops started to turn yellow an fall over. I have a pathetic looking patch where my shallots are planted. I pulled away some of the mulch and it's made little difference.The rest of my garden looks fantastic. What happened?
Posted: 3:02 pm on July 22nd
pdaoust writes: minsdaze: Actually, this is just the comments section for this article; click on the 'POST A QUESTION' link to get to the proper place to ask questions.

But the short answer is that you have a lack of nitrogen. If it's just the bottom few leaves, you should be fine, but if leaves are rapidly dying up the stalk, I'd get some manure, worm compost, or other high-nitrogen fertiliser on them right away. Do your plants and your body a favour and use natural fertilisers; ammonia fertilisers produce big, exciting-looking, turgid veggies that unfortunately are low in nutrition and attract insects.
Posted: 12:36 pm on July 22nd
minsdaze writes: Help! Most of my veggies plants are turning yellow from the base up! What could cause this? It is not lack of rain.
Posted: 12:17 pm on July 10th
tannesmith writes: Has anyone heard of bendng over your potato tops after they have bloomed.
Posted: 6:45 pm on July 9th
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