A Gardening Medium For Planting Over Concrete!

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ShirleyBovshow ShirleyBovshow, member
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Video Length: 3:40
Produced by: Shirley Bovshow

As a garden designer and professional garden communicator, I stay on top of the latest gardening products by visiting trade shows and reporting back to my blog readers. I saw this terrific "planting sock" by the name of "GroSoxx" in Chicago last year that can be used to plant on concrete floors, placed on top of arbors or walls so that plants can grow from the top, down instead of the other way around.


Because these GroSoxxs are portable, they are ideal for accessible gardening-just prop up on a raised table and enjoy gardening without digging. I envisioned lots of great design applications. They can be used to soften a large hardscape with colorful ground covers, and my favorite- used for vegetable gardening!

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